Mount Baker, Coleman Deming

October 5, 2007

Photos and story by Jason Hummel

Mount Baker offers pleasant surprises when you least expect them. Snow through the summer, steeps when everywhere else has melted out, and powder in Rock-tober.

My e arly morning wake-up call was just after mid-night and after an hour I was meeting a group of folks I hadn't met before. Pete and Dave I knew from trip reports online but hadn't, until then, met in person. After introductions we drove to Bellingham where we met two others. Later, at the parking lot, we met Baldwin.

At the bottom of the Coleman Deming the snow was gloppy until we began working our way up the glacier. Here the snow quickly changed to powder and only improved until we topped out at the col, ~9500-ft where the wind picked up. Beyond which, on the Roman Wall, the snow became slabbly. With fading light and swarming clouds, we decided to stop.

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There's no other way to say it, the ski down was amazing! Honestly, the best early season conditions I've ever [ever] had in Washington. I hope this bodes well for the season to come! If so, it will be exceptional.

The snow was even more gloppy down low than on our way up that morning, but not enough to diminish our thrill. It was better than walking, there's no doubt about that. Dave and I continued skiing all the way to the car.

In the end, we couldn't help but cheer. There wasn't a sad face in the bunch, only smiles and laughter. What a DAY!!! In fact, am I still there. Right now, I'm still smiling.

Here's a photo-explosion for your viewing pleasure.

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