MOUNT MAUDE - West face couloir
June 4, 2005

By Jason Hummel

Phil edited a great film of our escapades. Click here for an 'Act of Maude'.

Looking back, I'd have to say that I really enjoyed this trip. I got more than expected! You see, there wasn't a lot going for it at first. Take the weather which was forecasted as rain and imagine getting there only to find no snow. Believe it or not, this was what we made the four hour drive for.

Phil was the only other person to join my brother and I, and since this was a reunion for him, he was even more excited. Earlier in the year he had made a winter ascent of the same route that we planned to ski - the West Face Couloir, but he hadn't skied it due to icy conditions. It was now our responsibility to make amends.

So, let's get started. First get packed, sleep, then wake-up and be on the road by 2am. Got that? Okay, let's go.

Josh and Phil taking a break in Leroy Basin.
Phil and josh climbing the couloir.
Phil climbing up a rock section near the bottom of the couloir.


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