“Alpine Lakes "

September 3-5, 2005

Story and photos By Jason

Use harms and even destroys beauty. The noblest function of an object is to be contemplated.

~Miguel De Unamuno

The apine lakes is a place that goats frequent and the snows of winter remain until mid-summer. Fish abound there. Since early childhood our family has frequented this area and enjoyed the surrounding views of Daniel and the numerous lakes and tarns. This trip was no different. The Apine Lakes Wilderness remains my favorite summer destination; the name is so very fitting - the Apine Lakes Wilderness. The Robins are just an example of what this area has to offer and should be treaded on softly. In the near future I plan on combining these lakes and others into one hike that winds from just west of the mountains, east towards Stuart.

I took lots of photos. Some are black and white, but I really like the color photos. Otherwise there are some digital shots that Josh took and a few kids photos I dug out of the pile.

Josh with a fish 21 years ago.

My niece taking a break on the climb up.

Mount Daniel and what remains of the Lynch Glacier.


A group of us on the summit of Trico Peak. It began raining just after this and didn't change until the following day.

Steve armed with his fishing pole. Photo: Josh

My little brother Jessy.

Granite Potholes.

Granite Potholes with John and his daughter Hannah.

We played Phase 10 under a tarp while it rained. Photo: Josh.

A digital shot of an alpine lake. Photo: Josh

Some SLR shots.

A few black and white shots.

Several shots of the valley below blanketed with trees and granite.

Jessy and Chelsea.

The frosty morning. I would guess the first of the year.

I spent about a half an hour sneaking up on this guy. I don't think that he was taken by surprise.

Chelsea on a weathered snag. Photo: Josh

The sunny morning quickly melted the frost.

White Pine.

Upper Robin.

Various photos of camp.

A picture of me [jason] looking toward upper Robin. Photo: Steve Schoch

All of us.

Chelsea starting back.

Josh on the left.

The women. Left to right: Trena, Hannah, Bahyoe, and Chelsea in front.

Tuck Lake.

Hyas Lake.

And finally another picture from when we were kids. Photo: Parents