Steven Pass to Surprise Lake
August 25-27, 2007


Photos and story by Jason

Jason, Josh and Jeremy

I wanted to get out on a hike with my 9-year old brother. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't cooperating, but we weren't deterred.

We would go no matter the weather.

The hike itself was very enjoyable. Proceeding, as it was, up Stevens Pass toward Josephine Lake and continuing by several other small ponds and streams. Constant rain convinced us to stop at Mig Lake (I believe). We picked lots of berries and hiked around the area, but didn't fish any. Around the lake were a few nice campsites.

The next day we didn't go far, finding Trap Lake a nice place to settle down and explore. There weren't many camping options at the lake, but we made due. The view down the valley from camp was much appreciated, showing most of the way that we had come that day. Since there was lots of time, we hiked to the pass and climbed on the boulders (Jeremy enjoyed this a lot).

On day three we hiked out, making a stop at Surprise lake where our attempts to catch any fish we thwarted. The lake was nice with many camps. It still had the feel of being over-visited and over-grown (near the shore).

At the end of the trail, near Hwy 2 I had my biked stashed. Deep down I was hoping for a ride back to my car, but no luck. My only chance pulled away just as we arrived. Fishing my bike out of the weeds, I raced up the pass. It was warm and worst of all there was the road work IN THE RIGHT LANE. Having forgotten a helmet, it was very scary (and I'm no chicken) to ride in the left lane. My heart was pumping the whole way from both the exercise and the fear! Yikes. It was a relief to get to the car.

This was a nice kid hike with plenty of lakes to enjoy. There are nicer places, but on a rainy weekend, we found this one to be just right.




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