Goat Rocks: White Pass to Chambers Lake
August 18-19, 2007

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Photos and story by Jason

Summer hiking is a joy I oft reminisce on when the snows have covered all. There is a joy that comes with the overall ease of traveling one step in front of the other, and just enjoying the views of lakes and meadows, small and big critters alike, plus the pleasant camp fires and cold lake swims. None, I might add, did I enjoy on this trip 'cept fog-encumbered meadows. This isn't to be a complaint! The matter of enjoyment could've been increased with nicer weather, but seeing the cascades in the throws of an august rain and snow showers is not something to miss. However many times I've seen the Goat Rocks, seeing them without the grand views of far-off vistas maybe focuses me on the close-up and near, what's right at my feet.

Since I haven't mentioned, maybe I should take a moment to tell you what this trip was about. We decided on a hike across the Goat Rocks from White pass over to McCall Basin then along the Pacific Crest toward Chambers Lake. Overall, I felt that the hike along the crest of the Goat Rocks down to Snowgrass Flats was very nice.

What else is there to say? I'll post a few photos here. I hope you enjoy!

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