Upper Upper Cispus 2003
Below the Behemoth.

The silence breaths inside me
the solace slips through my defense
I ride the wave into darkness
and glimpse the nothingness
that shelters me...

Looking back, I found some photos (and film) worth posting. They are from a few trips down the Upper, Upper Cispus in 2003 with various characters: John, Travis, Josh, Ben and myself, along with several others who I can't remember the names of. These were wondrous trips down a spectacular section of river that dishes out a full helpin'. There are two waterfalls, one at either end that leave you with a well rounded memory, while everything between leaves you thinking about Behemoth. Once that is over, you end up with one last section of class V before finishing it off with a few miles of flatwater.

Good times and not to keep the impatient waiting, here is Assult On the Upper, Upper Cispus that Josh put together from an old film of a trip he did with Ben Manfredi and John Easton.

Here are a few more photos by Ben or whom ever had the camera:


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