East Fork Humptulips, The Narrows Section Class III (P)
5.7 miles 23fpm at Low Rec

Story by Jason/Photos by Jason and Josh
May 9, 2007

Plans to ski and climb were thwarted by bad weather. We were angry as hell because we had high hopes of glacier bliss and schussing down perfect spring butter, but instead we had sticky oatmeal, and, anyone who likes that should've been there. They would've gotten their hearts content of it! Of course, no weather in Washington would be seen without some measure of common courtesy? it was georgous when we returned to the city. This time we planned a more guaranteed adventure. No rain or storm could ruin kayaking. Oh no! It could even be a boon.

On the Olympic Peninsula are numerous creeks. Gary Korb's book on the area details dozens of runs and other than a few I've kayaked none of them. Since my brother and I haven't boated much recently, we decided on an easy creek. The East Fork of the Humptulips fit the bill.

Besides not having a map at the start of our adventure, when we did find our way to the put-in we managed to foil the route to the water. After lowering ourselves off a steep bank, we made it to the river with boats full of twigs and dirt. Ah, sweet reminders this was! Ain't boating great?

Throughout this class III creek there wasn't much to challenge us besides the scenery which was out of this world! The countless wildlife sightings were equally mezmerizing. Ducks were chased down the creek and otters poked their noses out to catch peeks of us and eagles swooped from tree to tree. We felt like special guests and these were our hosts out to greet us.

One rapid necesitated a portage at this flow. It was an ugly, narrow drop we portaged on the left down a fish ladder. Afterward, the canyon's beauty continues to blossom until a huge falls drops in from the right. Our camera ran out of battery here. No matter, reason enough for those that are able to go here. For us, the end comes with disappointment, but I'll be back at higher flows for reminders. What a great run!

Our next taste of the Olympics would be spent in the Wynoochee Gorge.

Jason running a section of the Narrows.
Eagles eying you from the jungle above.
A portage.
Tme to relax and enjoy the view.
Jason seal launching.
Entrance to the canyon. Don't forget to portage this on the left down the fish latter.
A fun drop in the canyon.
Another beautiful green/blue pool.
Another Narrow section of the canyon.
A fun rapid.
It was a nice day.
More rapids.
A nice new waterproof camera and now pictures while boating.


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