Wynoochee Gorge, Class III (V) - From Big creek
10miles 24fpm at 220cfs

Story by Jason/Photos by Jason and Josh
May 10, 2007

After our first day spent running the East Fork of the Humptulips, Josh and I were looking for another creek in the area, and Gary Korb's A+ rating for the Wynoochee couldn't be ignored, especially if it was anything like our previous day of kayaking.

We weren't to be dissappointed!

That morning, we drug our boats to Big Creek, which was far from being BIG. There must've been 50cfs! No matter its lack of water, we were just glad to be on the river, soon enclosed within a short canyon.

Once on the Wynoochee, the flow increased and we paddled several miles of flatwater made tolerable by the scattered wildlife throughout. We couldn't help but coast down the river, looking upward at the canopy of trees.

The whitewater comes as a surprise after so long, but isn't clouded with dismay. We were estatic to come upon the rockslide rapd! It offered much needed excitement. We scouted on the left, where you'd also portage if you are so inclined and ran it left to right, avoiding the trashy nature of the drop, rated class V, but surly a class IV at this level?

'Ring of Fire' was another fun rapid, so named for the train still residing next to the river, thrown into the canyon in the making of a movie by the same name. It was really cool looking!

We ended the run kayaking easy rapids in a lush canyon full of cascading waterfalls.


Josh biked back to our car in less than an hour, while I enjoyed the sun. I couldn't help but think of when I'd be there next?

Coming soon: Dugeness Creek



Josh running 'Ring of Fire'
Josh kayaking by a waterfall.
Jason coasting down Wynoochee Gorge.
This was a very nice waterfall.
Josh next to the Train from 'Ring of Fire' movie.
Jason above where we saw several eagles.
Let me through!
More canyon.
Rockslide Rapid.
Even more canyon.
Moving on down.
Waterfall, probably the best on the run.
More canyon.
Another look at the waterfall.
Top to bottom: Some waves then hiking out.
Where Eagles Dare!


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