Reba day dreaming.

I'm not much of a rockclimber. Once or twice a year I go out and prove to myself how much I really need to get out more than once or twice a year. With weekend weather forecasted to be dreary, Vantage came up in the discussion. Rounding up several others to include Nolan, Angie and Troy, Christy and Josh, Hannah and myself, we faced the long drive and met up for a fun day of climbing followed by an equally fun night of sitting around the fire. The next day brought more fun climbing to the table before a long drive back to dreary weather and another work week. Highlights include trying to balance across a slackline and climbing my first lead. Thanks go to Hannah for pulling me up a few routes also.

Here's several Black and White photos I took while I was there. Hope you enjoy.

Hannah belaying Troy.
Hannah with her ever present smile.
A kid climbing with his father down to the sunshine wall. Troy lovin' his first lead of the morning.
Christy, Josh and Troy in the Narrows before Sunshine Wall. A climber I saw on the wall as I walked up.
Hannah one. Hannah two.
Birds surfing the wind. Hannah.
Christy. Looking out across the plains.
Another picture of the plains. Jason with Hannah above. Photo Josh Hummel


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