WHERE IT ALL BEGAN ~ A step backwards by jason hummel

So, where did it all begin? For us, one step led to another. Eventually we found ourselves seeing the world...err Washington. And our adventures can best be told now with a picture. A million words as they say. And mayhap there is truth behind the tall tales we tell. This section is dedicated to the past and the many journey's toiled and the places seen. Our hope is that you enjoy this trip down memory lane. It's as much for our enjoyment as yours.

As kids the mountains were our playground; the tall peaks and their rock took the place of monkey bars; the sprawling glaciers and snow became our slides; and the fields of volcanic rock and ash filled up our sand box. It was our after school sport. It was our weekend getaway. Instead of Disneyland, we went to Mount Rainier National Park.

These places still remain special to me. I think going back, looking at these photos and remembering my beginning is important. They help me see why I find these places so special.

>>>>>>1989 - Alpine Lakes Traverse, Snoqualmie to Stevens Pass

1992 - 16 day Circumnavigation of Glacier Peak - My next project